As a natural advocate and a strong believer in a woman’s right to decide what

happens to her body, a volunteer doula program at a local hospital caught my attention.

I signed up for the training and committed to 100 hours of service where I was honored

to support dozens of families at all stages of labor. Through this experience, I became well

versed in comfort measures, positioning and massage techniques, and providing

emotional support to the entire family. I also became accustomed to working in a hospital

setting and familiar with the routine care, medical jargon, and roles of nurses and doctors.

It became very clear to me that there are gaps in care for laboring people in hospitals.

Medical providers play a critical role, but they often lack the bandwidth and training to

provide continuous support to people in labor – especially those who aim to have few

interventions and no pain medication. 


I knew I could serve people more effectively if I could work with people throughout pregnancy to prepare for all of the decisions they'd have to make in labor. My doula support revolves around building a strong foundation of trust and understanding with my clients. I provide unbiased, evidence-based information so my clients can form strong intentions for their births, and I walk them through how to advocate for themselves. I ensure my clients know their options and help them communicate their wishes to their medical providers so they are in the driver's seat every step of the way. Since beginning my private practice, I have continued to expand my knowledge to provide well-informed care to my clients. I am committed to working towards a society in which all families have access to quality health care, and I am passionate about addressing the crisis of maternal mortality, especially for Black women, in the U.S.


I live in Brooklyn and support families in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. I studied psychology and sociology at Colgate University where I found my passion for women’s health and reproductive justice and served as the Sexual and Gender-based Violence intern at the Women’s Studies Center. When I'm not working, I am cuddling with my dogs, boxing, or baking (usually bread for postpartum visits!)


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Long Island Doula Association

Volunteer Doula Training, June 2017

NYU Winthrop Hospital

LIDA Doula Project Volunteer Doula, July - September 2017  

DONA International 

Birth Doula Training with Rina Crane, November 2017

Completed Certification, January 2019

Breastfeeding Counselor Certification

45-hour course with Lea Rivera Todaro, IBCLC, April 2018

Best-Evidence and Birthing Rights Workshop with Jacqueline Levine, April 2018

Comforting Touch for Doulas Workshop with Yiska Obadia, September 2018

Spinning Babies Training with Lorenza Holt, October 2019

Locations where I've supported clients: Brooklyn Birthing Center, Mount Sinai East, Mount Sinai West, North Shore LIJ Katz Women's Hospital, Northwell Lenox Hill, Northwell Manhasset, New York Presbyterian Columbia, New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan, New York Presbyterian Methodist, New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell, NYU Langone, NYU Winthrop, South Nassau Communities Hospital and I also have experience with clients planning to give birth at home.

"To all the women in the world who were unaware of their heritage.

You are descended from a long line of sacred females who have been

respected and honored for thousands of years. 

Remember and make it so." 

Goddesses in World Mythology

by Martha Ann & Dorothy Imel

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Birth Doula & Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

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