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I can’t recommend Sam highly enough! Her calm and supportive demeanor was a great fit for me and my husband appreciated her evidence-based approach. We felt so comfortable with Sam right away. She was immensely helpful as I thought through the type of birth I wanted to have and we discussed how my husband could best support me throughout labor and the delivery. She shared lots of useful resources and was always available to answer questions. As these things go, my actual delivery was not what I had imagined, and Sam was with us every step of the way. As I was induced, she was in touch with my husband and offered suggestions for the types of questions we could ask to ensure I was comfortable with what was happening. That was really helpful as things were moving quickly. She was invaluable at the hospital as my contractions progressed. She encouraged me to move around the hospital room and helped me get into different positions, providing completely different support than the hospital staff. Sam also helped me with breathing techniques during pushing, which made a huge difference. Overall, she provided the exact type of support I needed and she was a critical part of our team.

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Birth Doula & Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

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