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Our search for a doula was prioritized around finding someone whose personality was the best fit for the daunting and incredibly intimate experience we were about to undertake with the birth of our first child. Without a doubt, we found the perfect partner in Samantha, whose knowledge of helpful resources and expertise in the subject of pregnancy set a very high bar, but most importantly, whose empathetic, supportive and reassuring approach to the birth experience gave us so much more confidence than we would have had otherwise. Leading up to the due date, Samantha provided great knowledge of what was to come, helpful exercises to prepare for the big day and was always quick with a response by phone or text whenever we needed one. Once we were at the hospital, Samantha kept close tabs on how things were progressing, and from the moment she arrived to join us through the birth of our son, she was an invaluable partner to have in our corner. Samantha even made a point to recommend and attend a breastfeeding class around 5 days after the birth to ensure things were progressing smoothly in the days when we were still learning how to be parents to our little boy. Overall, we could not recommend Samantha highly enough to others looking for a great doula for their pregnancy!

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